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A large part of our development has been around Graphics, Creating Hi-Quality, High Resolution Original Digital Art.

We are also adding some of our renowned eyeCandy, Cosmic Journeys the Night Sky
which you can get in full on CD for a small donation and shipping.
Details to follow later.

The "eyeCandy" - Our 1st volume, A Cosmic Journey toward discovery, Exploring Orion.

Explore the Orion Constellation and other regions of the Winter Nigh Sky

Astronomy and Astro Photography

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When we have time we are always working on constructs of Digital Graphics
Original Art files, Galactic Space files, Astro-photography files


Via-VR-CAD -

We have been an Internet presents for over 15 years
Developing and Hosting in CyberSpace since 1995

We are now working on a new project and direction

Sales - DVD & CD - Movies, Music and News - Sales
See our on-line DVD/media CyberStore here

Web Hosting - Custom Graphics Design - Site Development



Web Design
Site Development
Secure Web Hosting

On-Line Digital Media Video Store

We will continue providing hosting services for individuals & small businesses





Listen to Christian Radio on the web
>>>> WKES Live on-line <<<<


A Christian business on the Web


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Old Cowboy


About the Author
I write cowboy stories because that is all I know about.

Books By Charles Ham is rooted in Christian principals and values and we stands behind our work. We believe that Jesus Christ is the one and only savior for humanity, there is no other. It is only through faith and belief in Jesus Christ that we can get into Heaven.

- We have been online development theoretical CyberSpace for over 15 years -


"a Real and Imagined Place"


Surreal SiFi Space Art, Computer Graphics,
Image Development and Animation.

The Internet presence of  Via-VR-CAD  

VIA-VR-CAD is a company based on

Christian values.

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